Why Architectural Window?

Architects must balance longevity, cost, risk and beauty while controlling the effects of temperature, water, wind, acoustics and storm-driven projectiles. Architects collaborate best with manufacturers driven by an equal passion for balance and control.

“By simply taking control of every aspect of our clients’ window needs, we achieve an architect’s vision from R&D and prototyping to final specifications, manufacturing and installation.”

Anthony Laino Jr.


“We can test our windows to AAMA ratings that are amongst the highest in the country. Our total manufacturing control gives you total creative control.”

Ken Thompson

Vice President – Sales

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Passionate Engineers

For three generations, the Laino family has driven Architectural Window to be a company that is passionately dedicated to providing architects and their clients with exceptional performance. Superior product engineering is the foundation of the enterprise. Here, architects can refine their specifications to assure that each window is precisely suited to its purpose.

Seeing Through to Green

Preserving our natural resources and protecting the environment is a natural extension of designing and building our high performance windows. To provide maximum thermal efficiency of our customers’ structures, we are developing new technologies that are not immediately recognized as innovative by our industry. Environmental change is difficult to implement when manufacturers continue to employ legacy technologies that are not state-of-the-art. This resistance is manifested by obsolete specifications and a reluctance to redefine “Green” to ever-higher standards.

Our innovations literally changed the window industry long before Green became the global priority it is today. As we continue to research and develop new technologies and implement them in new products, our first loyalty is preserving the Earth’s limited resources while providing comfort and security to those who occupy the buildings we enclose.

Green technology and the various standards for compliance with Green legislation may be confusing for manufacturers, architects and builders. If you are an architect and would like assistance in specifying your current Green project, call us at (201) 939-2200 or send an email to awsales@architecturalwindow.com .