Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication often requires hand-made craftsmanship as unique elements are wedded into a well-designed, durable structure.


Any company claiming to assist architects in realizing their dreams must include custom fabrication as an in-house capability. Our engineers and technicians are well versed in converting the most “impossible” designs into functional, durable windows that contribute to the beauty and originality of their creator’s vision.

We can make arch-tops, trapezoids, circles and more. We even re-designed and built the operable double hung turret windows for New York City’s famed Plaza Hotel, which are “curved in plan,” meaning that the windows (frame, sill, sash and glass) are curved to fit the exterior radius of the hotel’s corners. If you can dream it – we can build it.

We have you covered

Architects must balance longevity, cost, risk and beauty while controlling the effects of temperature, water, wind, acoustics and storm-driven projectiles. Architects collaborate best with manufacturers driven by an equal passion for balance and control.