Dream: Two-Color/Two-Finish Windows

Architects for years sought windows that could be one color and finish on the inside and another on the outside.

Conventional Technology: One-Piece Extrusions

Profiles using polyurethane thermal barriers utilize one aluminum extrusion, pre-painted one color and finish before the polyurethane is poured into a cavity of the extrusion.

AW Solution: Dual Finish

Thermal strut window profiles are made from separate interior and exterior extrusions. Therefore, any imaginable combination of interior and exterior finishes can be applied, from high-performance Kynar® based paints to baked-on enamel or anodized coatings.

High performance Kynar® painted or anodized aluminum outside (left side). Less expensive, durable, baked-on enamel paint on the inside (right side).

As one of few select members of the PPG Certified Applicators Program, Architectural Window offers warrantees of up to 25 years on select finishes. Our dual-finish technology allows you to maximize performance while minimizing cost.

We have you covered

Architects must balance longevity, cost, risk and beauty while controlling the effects of temperature, water, wind, acoustics and storm-driven projectiles. Architects collaborate best with manufacturers driven by an equal passion for balance and control.