4700i Double Hung

  • Exterior View

  • Interior View

  • Exterior View, Insulated Glass

  • Interior View, Insulated Glass

  • Exterior View, Insulated Glass, Open

  • Interior View, Insulated Glass, Open

  • Exterior View, Insulated Glass, Cross Section

  • Interior View, Insulated Glass, Cross Section

  • Exterior View, Dual Glaze

  • Interior View, Dual Glaze

  • Exterior View, Dual Glaze with Blinds

  • Interior View, Dual Glaze with Blinds

  • Exterior View, Dual Glazed with Blinds, Upper 1" Panel

  • Interior View, Dual Glazed, Upper 1" Panel

  • Exterior View, Dual Glazed, Lower 2" Panel

  • Interior View Dual Glazed, Lower 2" Panel

  • Exterior View, Muntins

  • Interior View, Muntins

  • Exterior View, Muntins, Curved Transom

  • Interior View, Muntins, Curved Transom

  • Exterior View, Insulated Glass, Muntins

  • Interior View, Insulated Glass, Muntins

    Features & Information
  • Standard Features
    • Large multi-cavity thermal strut design provides maximum thermal performance for remarkably low u-values and dual finish capability
    • Side Load design with captured sash provides maximum strength and security making it ideal for educational applications
    • Sash removable for cleaning by maintenance personnel
    • Wet glazed with structural silicone for maximum seal strength and water resistance
    • Available with straight or beveled glazing legs for aesthetic design flexibility
    • Class 5 high performance balances lift 70% of the sash weight
    • AAMA 2603/2604/2605 painted or AAMA 611 anodized finishes
  • Optional Features
    • Dual glazing with removable access panels (Allows for vandal resistant polycarbonate glazing or 5/8” deep integral blinds (straight leg only))
    • Class 6 balances for increased weight capacity, enhanced lift assistance and 10-year warranty
    • True, exterior applied or between the lites of dual glazing muntin grids
    • 15 psf sill for increased water resistance or 10 psf sill for decreased sightline
    • Full or half insect screens (fiberglass, aluminum or stainless-steel mesh)
    • Hurricane Windborne Debris Impact Resistance (Large Missile)
    • Limit devices for restricted opening (NYCDOH stamped where applicable)
  • Performance Charts
  • Downloadable Details, Data Sheet + Specification
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Architects must balance longevity, cost, risk and beauty while controlling the effects of temperature, water, wind, acoustics and storm-driven projectiles. Architects collaborate best with manufacturers driven by an equal passion for balance and control.

Performance Data1
Series Operation AMAA
Test Size
Air (cfm/ft2)
@ 6.24 psf
Design Pressure
Structural Overload
OITC U-Factor
4700i Side Load AW-PG100 60 x 99 0.25 12 (10, 15) 100 150 Consult AWM See Below
  • 1 Based on independent certified laboratory testing per AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440. Field results will vary based on size, test methods, accessories & conditions.
Thermal Performance Chart1
Window Size (Inches) CENTER OF INSULATED GLASS U-FACTOR/SPACER TYPE (“Alum.” = Aluminum, “Warm” = Warm Edge) 2
0.33/Alum. 0.33/Warm 0.29/Alum. 0.29/Warm 0.24/Alum. 0.24/Warm 0.20/Alum. 0.20/Warm
47 x 59* 0.471 0.434 0.448 0.409 0.420 0.380 0.381 0.347
48 x 72 0.455 0.422 0.430 0.396 0.401 0.365 0.360 0.330
  • 1Based on independent certified simulations in accordance with NFRC 100
  • 2Consult AWM for additional configurations
  • *Designates NFRC Gateway size
Thermal Performance Chart1
  • 1 Based on independent certified simulations in accordance with NFRC 100
  • 2 Consult AWM for additional configurations
  • * Designates NFRC Gateway size

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